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Address: 1225 S Weller Street, Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98144

Phone: (206) 420-7165

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Learn more about Sound Child Care Solutions at the Opportunities Exchange website.

About SCCS

Children with great early education do better in school, graduate and attend college at higher rates, and are more likely to buy a house. Sound Child Care Solutions is a young non-profit organization creating a new way to improve education for young children. At Sound Child Care Solutions, child care centers have joined together to share the business and professional development side of child care while each keeping our own name and community identity.

By sharing costs, we can spend less money on administration and more on children, allowing us to improve educational quality and serve more low income kids. Weaving our gifts, we nurture teachers and directors so children can thrive. Together, we gain:

  • Economic strength as a larger organization, enabling us greater stability to weather economic ebbs and flows.
  • An integrated approach to professional development so we can pay deeper attention to the teaching and learning process, beyond just meeting standards. Directors can focus on educational quality so we exceed national standards like those set by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.
  • Financial discounts from economies of scale in business functions like benefits, banking and purchasing of goods and services.
  • Access to the talents of a wider pool of people. Together we can afford more sophisticated resources to solve problems, improve our workplaces, and strengthen our communities.
  • Funders like to support our work because they know it will be sustainable.